Areas of Practice

Employment Law

Attorney Daniel H. Schneider, principle of the firm, has extensive experience in employment law, and successfully representing employees of both large and small employers, on a wide variety of claims in the state of Connecticut. Opposing parties include large manufacturers, small businesses, universities, municipalities, the state of Connecticut, a country club, hospitals, nursing homes. Over his long experience, Attorney Schneider has tried cases before juries, judges, administrative forums, and at arbitration.

Attorney Schneider has brought claims involving racial discrimination, disability discrimination, whistleblowing, and retaliation.

However, please be aware that many employment law claims have very short filing deadlines (statutes of limitations). For instance, by way of example only, generally claims for retaliation for complaining about work place safety issues must be filed with the United States Department of Labor, OSHA within only 30-days of the employer retaliating against the employee. Although this is one of the shorter filing deadlines applicable to employment law claims, and sometimes there can be ways around issues created by such filing deadlines; in some instances (such as the deadline to file union grievances under certain collective bargaining agreements), the deadline to file can even be shorter.

Thus, it is important that one with employment law issues act promptly to retain competent counsel.

Personal Injury

Attorney Daniel H. Schneider, principle of the firm, has significant personal injury experience. He has settled and prosecuted to arbitration award and judgment a number of personal injury actions. His list of cases include cases involving civil assault and battery (with cases prosecuted through judgment), automobile collisions, food poisoning, product liability, falls, wrongful death, and property damage. He has also successfully dealt with insurance coverage issues involving such claims.

Although personal injury claims generally have longer statutes of limitation than say, many employment law claims, there are exceptions. For instance, some claims against municipalities require that notice be given as short as 90 days, and further it can take time to investigate the circumstances of a potential claim to identify and locate responsible parties.

Thus it is important that an injured party promptly retain competent counsel after suffering a loss due to personal injuries or property damages caused by a third party.

Related Civil Litigation

In Attorney Schneider’s long experience in the law, he has also developed experience handling claims that touch upon but are not exactly employment law or personal injury law. These claims include handling claims by independent contractors, who are not employees, handling insurance coverage disputes, and handling the defense of employment law and personal injury claims, and other civil claims when there is no insurance coverage or the insurer is refusing to defend the claim.

Attorney Schneider has also handle claims that are regularly brought in the employment context, in situations that do not involve an employment relationship. Such claims include claims for defamation, breach of contract, and negligent and/or intentional infliction of emotional distress.

As most legal claims have short filing deadlines, it is important to locate and retain competent counsel as soon as possible when faced with the need to bring or defend such claims.


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